Bavarian Stone effect porcelain stoneware

Furnishing the home with natural materials helps create a welcoming environment that is in keeping with mankind. However, often the choice falls on a decidedly more functional support such as porcelain stoneware that solves maintenance and cleaning, combining them with aesthetic pleasure.

Therefore, Decor Union 2000 proposes a new stone effect, a porcelain stoneware collection ideal for stone coverings and floors, a product indistinguishable from the natural material but highly functional.


Taking inspiration from the “Solnhofener” Bavarian Stone, a ceramic collection was created with warm tones and the typical nuances of this stone.

Solnhofen limestone with very fine grain has its origins in German Bavaria, where a Jurassic limestone formation has led to a present day exceptionally preserved deposit, because it contains traces of soft parts of the fossils.

This stone stands out for its smooth surface, its natural roughness and its characteristic design that alternates shades, splashes of colour and fossil designs. An extremely appreciated design in Austria and Germany because they uphold the natural stone tradition.

Thanks to the innovative techniques that we apply in making our ceramic products, we have created a porcelain stoneware collection that perfectly represents the Bavarian Stone effect, a realistic natural material design, with a hammered surface that creates an authentic and hospitable environment.


The Bavarian Stone collection is available in a 30×60 size: by playing with the laying geometries, the warm beige and light grey alternate in an elegant and refined design.

The collection is completed with a Mix Mosaic in 30×30 size, which is ideal for bathroom coverings or for shower or kitchen back tiling.

Bavarian Stone porcelain stoneware floor and wall tiles are extremely like the natural material, bestowing the environment with suggestive colours, which in turn create warm and welcoming atmospheres.

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