WB: ceramics for any space!

WB is one of the collections in the Decor Union 2000 catalogue.

A versatile collection: its various sizes make it suitable for both walls and floors in any room, adapting itself to the surface to be covered.

Its unique graphics is inspired by lime mixes in which it is impossible to achieve a homogeneous colour and where shades come into play, creating movement, an interplay of light and reflections, and various graphic effects.


By choosing WB, the architect or the designer takes on a challenge: it is an interesting collection because it allows you to use the same material throughout the house, without changing style, but you must also be able to balance what appears to be a simple design with the customer’s desire for taste and uniqueness.

At the same time, WB has an extremely important feature: it is able to outlive time, overcome fashions and remains fascinating over the years.

The WB collection consists of 4 sizes (30×60 – 60×60 – 60×120 – 120×120) and one hexagon (21×18). It is available in 4 different colours:

  • White: the canvas on which to create your own style
  • Ash: a cool shade to contrast with other elements such as wood
  • Coal: the darkest, a grey that pleases even the most daring
  • Taupe: the warmest version that brings to mind the colours of the earth.

The WB collection also goes hand in hand with other elements, such as wood effect porcelain stoneware.

In addition, its composition makes it suitable for all environments: from living rooms to bathrooms and for commercial spaces, thanks to its GRIP R11 slip resistance.


WB can be used to cover both floors and walls.

Unique, because of its versatility!

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