Cementine effect porcelain stoneware: a trend that is confirmed by the Belle Epoque collection

September is synonymous with trends, news and affirmations in the ceramic field.

With the approach of Cersaie 2018, Decor Union 2000 affirms the cement-based porcelain stoneware as one of the trends that has stayed on the podium of favourite surface furnish designs with style since last year.

The modern and functional reinterpretation of traditional cement tiles meets the desire of the most nostalgic who cannot turn down the aesthetic output of modern technologies: Belle Epoque is the collection in 20.5 × 20.5 size that brings colour and aesthetic pleasure to floors and walls. The vast chromatic availability, even in solid colours, but above all rich in geometric, floral, three-dimensional designs and watercolours makes the choice difficult even for the most determined customer.

gres porcellanato effetto cementine belle epoque romantico decor union 2000

Belle Epoque Romantico

gres porcellanato effetto cementine belle epoque geometry decor union 2000

Belle Epoque Geometry

If not for its vintage and retro taste, the cement-effect is liked because it breaks the monotony of the usual ceramic patterns, it manages to give a stylish touch to any surface, in a simple detail such as the kitchen tiling or on larger spaces such as a bathroom floor.

The Belle Epoque collection has a natural finish that leaves the tiles a rough appearance and clearly superior technical features; in fact, every treatment to which the stoneware is subjected, reduces the technical performance of the tile.

Moreover, porcelain stoneware in its natural state is more resistant to abrasion, trampling, chemicals and atmospheric agents, than those variants with treated surfaces.

The collection features 4 backgrounds available in White, Grey, Black and Ice and 18 different decorations: in some versions, black and white create patterns with almost psychedelic effects, which follow each other in a repetitive and continuous pattern, such as Optical and Square. In other cases, the design is expanded with other colours such as grey in Geometry, Star and Flower to offer even more detailed shapes to the eye of the discoverer.

gres porcellanato cementine decor union 2000

Belle Epoque Square

Baroque, Lily and Arabesque on the other hand are inspired by flowers, friezes and key patterns, more elegant images, liberty splendour or recollections of a Moroccan riad.

The colours are subdued in other decorations: colouring itself in blue and covering the Belle Epoque collection in the Giglio, Fiore, Splendid, Cardinali, Elegance and Maiolica series with majolica alternating white and beige to form detailed and lively designs in an alternation of images that gives freshness to the room.

gres porcellanato effetto cementine collezione belle epoque maiolica decor union 2000

Belle Epoque Maiolica

Finally Cubi, Rombi and Treccia, the designs in fresh blue, beige and white but with geometric images blend together with the others in Mélange: the hesitant, the whimsical, the eccentric customer can avoid the choice of the favourite pattern falling back on this version where 25 different images alternate in a mix of different subjects.

cementine melange decor union 2000

Belle Epoque Mélange

Each image of the Belle Epoque collection is unique in its kind and in such a vast catalogue will always find favour with every customer. Check out the complete collection on

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