That’s what we DU: Decor Union 2000 presents its 2018 catalogue!

The new Decor Union 2000 catalogue is fresh off the press but is the result of our extensive experience in the field of ceramics.

This year in particular, we have extended our offer with both new and already established products. Together with our customers, we have verified the interest in the appeal and functionality of each individual collection.

‘That’s what we DU’ is a catalogue that includes different size tiles: from 20.5 x 20.5 of the Belle Epoque series, the latest collection that rediscovers the pleasure and tradition of cementine tiles in porcelain stoneware, to the large sized slabs in which the specific features of the Decò, Five Point Six and Tags collections make them objects of design for walls, floors and other surfaces.

Once the functionality of the series of wall tiles for bathrooms, kitchens and commercial areas has been established, they become increasingly enriched with aesthetics combined with geometries, abstract designs, floral elements and three-dimensionality to become a unique answer for any style and taste.


The 2018 Decor Union 2000 catalogue extends the offer with many new collections:

Space is given to the marble effect tiles in which the rediscovery of natural stone finds a functional answer in porcelain stoneware. The Colosseum and Diva collections allow you to choose the size, the veining and in the chromatic nuances, bringing light, elegance and prestige to the environment.



The rediscovery of cementine tiles, the modern and functional version of traditional cementine, encounters our most nostalgic desires but not at the expense of the aesthetics and performance of modern technologies: Belle Epoque is the 20.5 x 20.5 size collection that brings colour and aesthetic pleasure to floors and walls. The wide choice of colours, which can even be plain, but above all rich in geometric, floral, three-dimensional designs and watercolours, makes the choice difficult even for the most decisive customer.



– The wall tile has been reaffirmed from 2017: the large size of Feel, Silk and Sharon, their warm colours and their three-dimensionality has fascinated and amazed customers, endorsing our aesthetic and above all functional choice.

The large size was a discovery also for us: the large plain coloured concrete-effect slabs, rich in colours and now true works of art, satisfy even the most imaginative tastes, for those who want to make their own house special or enhance a wall.



An extremely rich 2018 catalogue, which wants to cater for all tastes and to become a single point of reference for tiles.

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