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Kos, il rivestimento bagno che rilassa

In the new 2017 catalogue, Decor Union 2000 presents a relaxing solution for the decoration of your bathroom, allowing you to create a space which takes you away from your everyday routine for some moments of rest.

Kos draws its inspiration from nature: natural fibre and the rough weave of linen become a delicate bathroom tile, which colours your walls with impalpable strokes and light tones.

The double-fired tile in the colours Grigio and Beige lightly decorates your walls, while the Canneto decoration, also available in the colours Grigio and Beige, gives movement to the patterns, breaking the soft monotony of the background.


Kos is also a mosaic decoration: its small, irregular squares match the background to bring movement into this light dance of lines.

Kos is a refined solution for your bathroom, included in our catalogue among the 25×60 decoration series.

The Shabby Wood flooring in porcelain stoneware, a 15×60 wood-effect tile, completes your spaces, bringing the technology of highly water-resistant ceramics into a soothing, relaxing environment.


The Shabby Wood series comes with a romantic surprise: the Petali decoration, available in the 4 colours matching the backgrounds, traces delicate floreal ornaments on the floor, which can be spaced out or used on the whole floor to complete a delicate and refined bathroom decoration.

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